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AlloysData Sheets. AlloysData Sheets. United Aluminum ALLOY 1100. United Aluminum ALLOY 1350. United Aluminum ALLOY 2024. United Aluminum ALLOY 3004. United Aluminum ALLOY 3005. United Aluminum ALLOY 6061. United Aluminum ALLOY 7075. United Aluminum aluminum 6061 Product Guide from Online MetalsAluminum 6061 T6/651/6511/T4 Product Guide. Applications Aluminum 6061 Specifications Related videos Mechanical and Chemical Data. Overview. 6061 Aluminum is, by any measure, the most commonly used aluminum alloy in the world. It is usefil in almost any application due to its strength, heat treatability, comparatively easy machining, and weldability.AL 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy Properties, Density, Tensile 6061 aluminium alloy sheets, plates, rolled or cold rolled wire, rods, bars, and drawn tubing are aged to a metal temperature of 160 °C (320 °F) and maintaining it for 18h. Extruded rods, rods, shapes and tubes; dies and hand forgings, rolled rings are aged to a metal temperature of

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6061 alloyed with 1.0% magnesium and 0.6% silicon. Good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance. Very good machine ability Yield between 7,000 to 39,000 psi 6061 Aluminium 6061 Aluminium is, by most any measure, the most commonly used Aluminium alloy.6061 Aluminium Alloy / Alumimum 6061 Aircraft MaterialsAluminum 6061 is an extremely versatile heat treatable aluminum alloy due to its content of silicon See all 10 rows on twmetals6061 Aluminum Sheet O temper, T4, & T6 Sheets TW Metals10 rows· 6061 Aluminum Sheet Alloy 6061 coils and sheets are the most versatile of the heat

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General 6061 characteristics and usesExcellent joining characteristics, good acceptance of applied coatings. Combines relatively high strength, good workability, and high resistance to corrosion; widely available. The T8 and T9 tempers offer better chipping characteristics over the T6 temper.Aluminum Round Tube 6061 Round Tube Aluminum Aluminum 6061 round tube is a round hollow extruded aluminum that is widely used for all types of fabrication projects where strength along with lightweight and corrosion resistance is a primary concern. The interior is seamless and smooth. This type of round aluminum tube is mainly utilized for engineering and structural applications.6061 Aluminum Pipe ASTM B221, ASTM B241, ASTM 6061 Aluminum Pipe is a magnesium and silicon alloyed aluminum product with good machining characteristics and has excellent appearance after anodizing. Call today! 6061 Aluminum Pipe ASTM B221, ASTM B241, ASTM B429, AMS QQ A 200/8, MIL DTL 25995 Type A TW Metals

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1.1 This specification covers extruded 6061 T6 aluminum alloy standard structural profiles. 1.2 The profiles are limited to I beams, H beams, channels, angles, tees, and zees. Note 1For other extruded profiles in other alloys and tempers refer to Specification B221 .6061 T651 Aluminum Plate AMS 4027 T6 temper6061 Aluminum plate (also known as 6061 T651) is one of the most versatile grades of heat treatable aluminum alloys. The T6 temper is achieved through a solution heat treatment and artificial aging to achieve a maximum level of precipitation hardening, and it resists stress cracking due to the inclusion of magnesium and silicon as alloying elements.6061 Aluminium Alloy / Alumimum 6061 Aircraft MaterialsAvailability Aluminium Alloy 6061 Sheet, Plate, Wire, Rod, Bar (Hexagon, Round, Square), Tube and extrusions. 6061 Foil (Shim) is available in various thicknesses.View stock list for further information. Foil Stock List, Sheet Stock List, Plate Stock List.For all stock availability of Aluminium Alloy 6061 contact Sales. Specifications

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6061 Aluminum Sheet & Plate offers a combination of higher strength, good corrosion resistance and machinability making the 6061 grade the most widely used aluminum sheet and plate grade available for all types of fabrication projects.The general purpose 6061 Aluminum Sheet & Plate is heat treatable, resists cracking due to stress, and is easy to weld and machine, but limited on formability 6061 T6 Aluminium The Ultimate Guide EngineeringClicksAluminium 6061 T6 is a subcategory of the 6061 aluminium alloy, one of the most widely used aluminium alloy categories in the world.The alloy is appreciated because of its versatile performance and all around mechanical properties.The T6 part of the 6061 T6 name indicates the type of the tempering treatment process that this aluminium alloy type undergoes.Aluminum Round Tube 6061 Round Tube Aluminum Aluminum 6061 and 6063 round tube is a round hollow extruded aluminum that is widely used for all types of fabrication projects where strength along with lightweight and corrosion resistance is a primary concern. The interior is seamless and smooth. Contact Industrial Metal Supply for aluminum

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Dover Tubular Alloys inventories a wide variety of aerospace and commercial grade Aluminum Drawn Seamless Tubing in grade 6061 T6. This tubing goes into end use markets such as Energy, Aerospace, Marine, Automotive, and Healthcare. 6061 T6 Drawn Seamless Tubing is a popular choice when weight is a determining factor in end use application.Technical Data ROD & BAR ALLOY 6061 Kaiser ROD & BAR ALLOY 6061 Technical Data Cold Finished Extruded ASTM B221 AMS QQ A 200/8 AMS 4150 AMS 4160 AMS 4161 AMS 4172 AMS 4173 APPLICABLE SPECIFICATIONS Others Weight % Minimum Maximum CHEMICAL COMPOSITION LIMITS Si 0.40 0.80 Fe 0.70 Cu 0.15 0.40 Mn 0.15 Mg 0.80 1.20 Cr 0.04 0.35 Each 0.05 Total 0.15 Zn 0.25 Ti 0.15 ASTM B211 AMS QQ A 225/8 Aluminum Cast and Wrough Engineering Specifications The Aluminum Association (AA) has adopted a nomenclature similar to that of wrought 20 alloys. British Standard and 20 DIN have different designations. In the AA system, the second two digits reveal 20 the minimum percentage of aluminium, e.g. 150.x correspond to a minimum of 99.50% aluminium.

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aluminum 6061 t6 spec sheet . If you have any questions or good suggestions on our products and site, or if you want to know more information about our products, please write them and send to us, we will contact you within one business day.6061 Aluminum vs. 6063 Aluminum Alloy Eagle MouldingsFurther, 6061 exhibits a high level of corrosion resistance, and is highly weldable. Aluminum 6061 is available in numerous versions including tempered 6061 T6 and 6061 T651 grades, as well as pre tempered 6061 O grade. Overall, aluminum 6061 is a good alloy choice for projects requiring a stronger material strength or structural support.6061 T6 Aluminum Plate Aluminum Jig & Mold Plate At Howard Precision Metals, we stock 6061 aluminum plate that is produced by the finest mill sources in the market. In addition to our 6061 aluminum plate, we also have 6061 plate that meets tooling plate specifications, such as Hulamins M 61 and Kaisers Select Precision Plate.

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6061 is one the most versatile of the heat treatable aluminum alloys. It has good formability and weldability, as well as high corrosion resistance. Additionally, 6061 offers a wide range of mechanical properties and can be fabricated by many of the commonly used techniques. 6061 is the most economical of the heat treatable aluminums.

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